GPS Security

The world’s first affordable personal tracking device, Mobiloc™’s optional GPS tracking system is state of the art and includes anti-jamming and secondary location technology.

The Facts

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over $300 million worth of bicycles were stolen in the United States last year. This figure does not include other types of personal property such as expensive strollers and scooters that have become common prey from criminals.

The Answer

Criminals will see your Mobiloc™ and walk away. Every Mobiloc™ looks the same and the criminal will be unable to tell whether you have purchased the GPS tracking option. The Mobiloc™ optional GPS system will send an alarm to you by call, text or both as soon as the locked mobile device moves from the location where you secured it. Moreover, you can track the location of your bicycle or other mobile property right from your smart phone or from your computer using our specialized tracking software. In sum, Mobiloc™ is the world’s first mobile security device that will protect your property and allow you to retrieve it if a criminal steals your property. It is the bike thief’s worst nightmare and will assist law enforcement in shutting down the more than $300 million bicycle theft industry.